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A Lunt Design, Inc. was incorporated in 1975.

Audrey Lunt began research and development on a disposable line of infant hospital garments in 1975 when a cardiologist at Children's Hospital of Buffalo, NY, suggested the need for an infant examination gown. After researching the medical product field, she became interested in the ultrasonic heat-seal application of non-woven materials.

Purchasing two ultrasonic machines, she was able to design and produce a disposable infant shirt made from Dupont polyester non-woven material with a velcro closure. This became her trademark- the only totally heat-sealed disposable infant wear.

In 1982, Baxter Healthcare Corporation contacted Audrey Lunt to become their sole manufacturer of disposable infant shirts, bassinet sheets, receiving blankets, and pediatric gowns.

In 1986, A Lunt Design manufactured 10 million baby bibs per month for a national distribution company. Also in 1986, A Lunt Design's nursery wear was on the cover of Non-woven Magazine, a leading industry publication. In that same magazine, Dupont featured Lunt's products in a full page advertisement.

In 1994, A Lunt Design began mass production of a male incontinence pouch for use after prostate surgery for mentor urology.

Another product that incorporated A Lunt's heat-seal technology and non-woven expertise was developed and mass produced during this time period- a low birth weight disposable diaper. This diaper for one to three pound babies is being sold internationally to neonatal intensive care units.

To this day, A Lunt Design continues to utilize their non-woven expertise and heat-seal capabilities to provide quality, USA-made, medical products.

Why Choose Us ?
where our Customers’ requirements come first.
soft, fresh, breathable fabrics are stronger yet more comfortable than paper disposable.
fabrics are lint-free, inherently flame-resistant with no chemicals added, non-allergenic and non-toxic. Fabrics can be sterilized with ETO. Our fabrics meet the California Prop 65 standards.
providing patient mobility and modesty combined.
and re-closable Velcro closures can be positioned (adjusted and readjusted) for proper fit and easy examination.
Disposable Single-Patient Use reduces the risk of cross contamination.